Electric Universe: Premiere of a unique concept combining classical and electronic music on November 24th at O2 universum

The grand music and audiovisual show Electric Universe will connect two seemingly disparate musical worlds on November 24th at 9 PM at Prague's O2 universum. The successful music composer and producer Karel Havlíček will open the evening with classical compositions from his repertoire in a modern approach, followed by an electronic live set, both accompanied by the Stro.My Ensemble symphony orchestra. Then, the planetary system will shift into a pure electronic mode with performances by global stars such as Fritz Kalkbrenner, Jerome Isma-ae, and others. O2 universum will host an electronic event for the first time.

Visitors of Electric Universe can expect an eight-hour journey through the spacetime of a new universe, where the fusion of classical and electronic music will create its fourth dimension and a source of universal energy that will make them dance. Tickets are available in two categories (basic "Regular" tickets starting from 1,490 CZK and "Premium" tickets for 2,990 CZK with VIP services) and can be purchased from June 1st at 10 AM through Ticketmaster and Ticketportal networks in limited capacity. For the first 250 registered attendees on the event's website www.electricuniverse.cz, the promoter - Lavo Events agency - offers a specially discounted price when buying two tickets.

"I've been looking forward to a moment like this throughout my music career, where I would have the opportunity to participate in an unconventional event of a similar format. Until now, I've been accustomed to more intimate settings for smaller audiences. I feel immense respect and a commitment to deliver a maximum performance and transport the viewers into the world of my music," explains composer and one of the evening's main headliners, Karel Havlíček.

The musical program of the evening consists of several parts. Karel Havlíček's opening performance with the symphony orchestra will present the audience with his classical original compositions accompanied by piano playing. Subsequently, the event format will transition to the electronic genre, and a portion of Karel's live set will be accompanied by the thirty-member symphony music ensemble Stro.My Ensemble, led by the ensemble's director and conductor, Jiří Trtík.

In the next part of the evening, internationally renowned guests of global caliber will build upon the electronic prelude. The Berlin producer and master of analog sound, Fritz Kalkbrenner, who returns to Prague after a sold-out concert three years ago. Similarly talented German producer Jerome Isma-ae, a likable and now legendary DJ who has won the hearts of the domestic audience through performances at popular electronic events like Sensation White, will also be present. He is returning to the Czech Republic after more than 10 years. Jerome is currently preparing a new original album, on which he will collaborate, among others, with Karel Havlíček, producing a track titled "Electric Universe." This track will also become the anthem of this year's premiere edition of the autumn event. Additional major international names, which will be gradually revealed, are also being negotiated.

"The new concept of Electric Universe is the result of the efforts of a numerous team of people who have been continuously working since last autumn to create a completely unique experience by combining classical music and the electronic genre. It is, in fact, the culmination of my twenty years of experience in organizing the largest electronic events in our country. This unique event will undoubtedly appeal to and connect multiple generations of electronic dance music fans, showcasing the best that the current scene and audiovisual technologies have to offer. With the involvement of a symphony orchestra and the O2 universum venue, it will be a completely different, sophisticated, and breathtaking dimension of experience," adds Martin Kučera, CEO of the organizing agency Lavo Events.

In addition to the high-quality musical experience, visitors to O2 universum can expect captivating audiovisual production built on precise sound and a giant panoramic LED screen with the currently highest available resolution. There will be tailor-made visual projections, programmed light shows, and other technological and interactive 3D elements that will transport participants into a completely different space and time. Among the visual content of the show, Maxim Havlíček, an internationally acclaimed visual artist and brother of Karel Havlíček, will also participate.

The culmination of Electric Universe on Friday, November 24th at O2 universum in Prague-Libeň will be preceded by several smaller pop-up events and live DJ sets by Karel Havlíček in unconventional locations throughout the Prague metropolis. The main Electric Universe event has the ambition to become an annual occurrence, as well as expand into neighboring European countries.

The general partner of the Electric Universe event is Škoda Auto Czech Republic, which will present the complete portfolio of electric and electrified vehicles from the iV family during the main event. They will also showcase additional services and solutions related to the gradual transition to emission-free mobility. The official car of the event is the Škoda Enyaq Coupé RS iV. The main partner of the event is ČEZ Group, a reliable producer and supplier of clean energy for a compromise-free tomorrow.